Text Alerts

NOTICE: Texas Financial will never call, text or e-mail you asking for your debit card number, PIN or account number.

Texas Financial Bank is pleased to introduce NOTIFY ME ALERTS! at NO CHARGE TO OUR INTERNET BANKING CUSTOMERS.


Big Lake


This new feature on our internet banking platform allows you to receive email or SMS text alerts regarding your account activity, balance, or security changes. The alerts can be customized to notify you based on specific events that allow you to monitor the state of your account, transaction activity posting to your account, and ensure you are alerted to any unusual activity. You have the option to add, modify, or remove notifications at all times. We hope that you find this service to be a valuable tool in managing your accounts.

The main benefits to you are the following:

  • Notify Me Alerts provides added security. By receiving notifications, you know of any changes to your accounts, such as privileges removed or added, or any transactions that failed to process. This gives you added confidence that Internet Banking is safe and secure. In addition, Notify Me Alerts offers notifications based on specific account activities and security events that allow you to monitor the state of your accounts and transactions as well as ensure that you are alerted to any unusual activity on your accounts.
  • Notify Me Alerts provides additional service. You can receive notifications whenever an in-session alert is generated or whenever you have received a secure message from the bank.
  • Notify Me Alerts saves time. Because you receive alerts on transaction activities, you no longer have to log into internet banking to monitor your account.

Click here for instructions on how to sign up and utilize this free service.

The following account activity notifications are available:

  • Account overdrawn
  • Account balance
  • Check numbers cleared